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A green planet is hard to find!

Since 2015, LONZE com are operating a 100% paperless office. No paper on desk, no paper in filing cabinets.


Not just saving the planet, it is about saving money and reducing storage space and costs. Reducing costs of printers, paper, toner and printer maintenance.


All our letters, invoices, statements and purchase orders are sent by e-mail as an attached PDF file.


Paper correspondences we receive from customers and suppliers are scanned and saved in a well-organised cloud folder structure. All documents are just a mouse-click away - from anywhere, anytime.

For more information about paperless office, please contact:

Our next steps to reduce the business's carbon emission.

Nearly 90% of our IT infrastructure, including aircon and lights, are running on solar power. Our team is very passionate about the environment and finding new ways to reduce pollution to make the world a greener place.

We believe, businesses need to be responsible for their influence on the environment and take initiative in sustainability and renewable energy sources.

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Lonze com Pty Ltd

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