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LONZE com is the home of A Sydney based company providing several web-based services around motor vehicle log books, company fleet management and commute records. Our customers include single car owners, families with multiple cars, small trade companies with their van fleets, taxi providers, tax consultant offices, medium size courier and truck companies.


All apps are web-based, easy to use on any desktop, laptop or mobile device. They are accessible online anytime and anywhere in the world. The mobile application can be downloaded to mobile devices via both the Google or Apple platforms – free of charge. Software upgrades occur automatically overnight without any loss of connection to your data.

Data is stored in our secure data facility in NSW, Australia where security and privacy are a top priority. Clients will never lose their data even if they switch mobile devices or computers. is 100% paperless and advertising-free. All reports are generated as PDF or data files. They can be saved to any device or sent via email. All reports are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are just a mouse-click away.

We keep it simple! Customers choosing us are not looking for fancy graphics and flashing screens. They are looking for accurate records and easy to understand reports for their tax purposes and their vehicle and commute cost control.

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To use GPS is optional and depends on the license our customers chose. GPS is only used to find the start and end location of a trip. We never trace any travel route as protecting our customers’ privacy is important. Log book, fleet and commute records are kept for 7 years and they are available as downloadable data files as well.

The application is functional even without an internet connection. So, when driving in remote areas, the app will sync a customer’s travel details and uploaded purchase records with our online server when internet connection is re-established. Data will never be lost.

There are no long-term contracts and the customer owns all data. If a customer decides to leave our application, they can download their data to a computer or a different system without any additional costs.The normal subscription time is 12 months and customers can use the full functionality of the system. Annual renewal is required in order to maintain full use of the application. Should a subscription not be renewed, the customer is still able to run reports and view records but is not able to enter or adjust any data.

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